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Jazz music is part of America’s cultural legacy and it remains one of the country’s most recognizable and viable artistic exports. Appreciation for jazz must be cultivated and supported not only in big cities, but also on a local and regional basis in order to be sustained.

Thank you to our NBJP supporters whose gifts help us to continue to achieve our goal of presenting world class, weekly live jazz performances in Central New Jersey. We are grateful they have chosen to make a contribution to help the New Brunswick Jazz Project’s ongoing programming efforts.

Stephen K. Jones

James M. Cahill

Donna Grant 

Dave Blevins

Ron Blake

Joe DelGiorno

Joseph Bahgat

Susan Todd

Edward & Lucretia Lipper

Greg & Amelia Savad

Chris DeVito

David Alberts

Paul Chymiy

Lynne Mueller

Simon Thomas & Nebahat Tokatli

Edmund Deveaux-Burton Trent

Jane Tublin

Larry Katz

Andrea Cunnell

Jay Wallace

Robert Goodman

Eitan Levine

Dr. Edward Ulman

Eileen Laramee

Kathy & Frank Mulvaney

Linda Ocampo Thomas

Michael Floyd

Charlotte Briscoe

Sandy Ingham

ALL the NBJP Jazz Cats

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