WINARD PERFORMED SATURDAY, AUGUST 11 IN BOYD PARK   NBJP: How old were you when you first played in front of an audience (beyond your family)? WH: Between 4 an 5 NBJP: What's your favorite jazz tune? WH: Too many to even thing of one,  Star Crossed Lovers, Ugly Beauty, Moanin, Ceora  NBJP: You are a musician, is there another art in which you'd like

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Seven Questions w/Andrew Atkinson

Andrew performs Thursday June 28 @ Makeda NBJP:  What musical instrument (that you don't play) would you like to be able to play? AA:  I would love to play the piano NBJP: What's your favorite non-jazz tune? AA: Currently "Seven Days" by Sting NBJP: What is your greatest weakness (personal or professional)? AA:   Professionally - Impatience for mediocrity  NBJP: What's a food you shouldn't

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