NBJP:  If youcould live anywhere, where would that be?

KH: Rio Hato, Panama…250 feet from the Pacific Ocean


NBJP:  What quality do you like most about yourself?

KH: My resilience


NBJP:  What’s the worst job you ever had?

KH: Early morning prep cook at a failing chicken restaurant


NBJP:  What instrument would you  like to be able to play?

KH: B3 organ….especially the foot pedals


NBJP:   Who’s your favorite jazz composer?

 KH: Charles Mingus


NBJP:  If you could only own one CD, what would it be?

KH: Miles Davis – Four + More (The Carnegie Hall Concert)…I’m cheating because that’s a two CD set


NBJP:  Finish this sentence: If I can, I try to avoid_KH: Coldness
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