ADRIENNE WEST SINGS WEDNESDAY, JULY 25, 2012 AT THE HYATT NBJP:  What’s the worst (non musical)  job you ever had? AW: Hmmm... yeah...and the answer is..... a chemical factory office job in Atlanta, Georgia NBJP: Who's your favorite, non living jazz composer? AW: Duke Ellington NBJP:  What one word would your friends use to describe you? AW:  Open NBJP:    How old were you when

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CARRIE PERFORMS WEDNESDAY JULY 11 AT THE HYATT  NBJP: What's the worst job you ever had? CJ: Performing In a venue with no air conditioning.  NBJP: Who's your favorite jazz performer? CJ: Sarah Vaughan NBJP: What inspires you creatively? CJ: Originality & Spontaneity NBJP: If you could only own one CD, what would it be? CJ: Sarah Vaughan's Greatest Hits NBJP: What's one liquid (other than

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BILLY TEST PERFORMS FRIDAY JULY 6 AT SOPHIE'S  photo: Annemarie Mountz   NBJP: Who's your favorite non-jazz composer? BT: I'm a huge fan of classical music, and I have a strong background in classical piano.  However, it's extremely difficult for me to select a single composer.  I love Russian composers: Rachmaninoff, Scriabin, Tchaikovsky, etc.  I'm also very influenced by French Impressionistic composers

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Seven Questions with Najwa Parkins

Najwa sings Wednesday June 20, at The Hyatt    NBJP: What musician influenced you the most? NP: I'm not sure I can say that just one musician influenced me the most, but I guess some of my biggest influences have been Sarah Vaughan and Carmen McRae. NBJP :If you were about to have your last meal, what would it be? NP:  In this

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TAEKO SINGS WEDNESDAY MAY 16 AT THE HYATT NBJP: What’s the worst job you ever had? T: Real estate broker inNew York. NBJP: Who's your favorite jazz performer? T: Betty Carter NBJP: What inspires you creatively? T: Working out NBJP: If you could only own one CD, what would it be? T: "Audience with Betty Carter" NBJP: What’s one liquid

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Seven ?s with Rachel Eckroth

Rachel performed for NBJP April 19 at Makeda   NBJP: Other than the instrument you play, what’s your favorite instrument to listen to? RE: I am in love with the cello. It's such a warm instrument, but I wish I could play the bass. NBJP: What’s the worst job you ever had? RE: When I first moved to the New York area, I worked

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NBJP:  What musical instrument (that you don't play)would you  like to be able to play? AW: Cello -- I love the beautiful range NBJP: What’s your favorite non-jazz tune? AW: Tough call between Scriabin's 5th Piano Sonata and Prokofiev's 4th Sonata.   I love dark and beautiful Russian piano music  NBJP: If you could live anywhere on the

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NBJP: What living musician do you admire most? Why? AC: Quincy Jones because he is an artist who has found a way to make beautiful music that is both true to himself and accessible to the public audience. NBJP:What would you want to be if you weren’t a jazz musician? AC: An anthropologist NBJP:If you could only own one CD (Download--whatever),

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Seven ?’s with Shamie Royston

SHAMIE ROYSTON What instrument would you like to be able to play? SR: Cello NBJP: What's your favorite jazz tune? SR:Summer in Central Park by Horace Silver NBJP: What quality do you like LEAST about yourself? SR:  A quality I do not like about myself is I always try to take on too many projects and tasks, and never ask for help

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